What the Emmy nominations in 1999 should have looked like - Outstanding Drama Series:

The Pretender

  The Pretender  


DT and CT. Dancing Dorks. 



harry potter meme ϟ  ten characters  (1/10) -  hermione granger

if you two don’t mind, i’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed… or worse, expelled!

Idris Elba, photographed by Juergen Teller for W magazine, Feb 2014

  idris elba  

Do you ever get starstruck when you get these famous people coming up to you and saying how much they love it (the show)? “Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s kind of really humbling. I’m like wow i can’t believe this is actually happening to people like us - half of us just came out of drama school and went straight into this and we didn’t realise how big it was going to be “

  Sophie Turner  

I meant no offense.
And you’ve given none.

  ugh    hotness  

"Mycroft’s pressure point is his junkie detective brother, Sherlock. And Sherlock’s pressure point is his best friend, John Watson. John Watson’s pressure point is his wife. I own John Watson’s wife... I own Mycroft."


Magnus & Kate

(You know you ship it)

  sanctuary    Helen x Kate  

Mark Gatiss, on the set of Sherlock

  mark gatiss  

  art    beauty  

ever since I watched the GoT premiere the only thing I want is a long plotty Margeary/Brienne fic about Brienne falling for the young queen and becoming her one-member queen-guard, killing Joffrey and anyone she asks her to kill….ugh, I NEED FIC

  me    its becoming a problem  


so fucking cute

Gillian Anderson - shoot.

  hhhooo...    gillian anderson